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Republic of Tea - Vanilla Coconut Tea 100% White Tea

Can of Republic of Tea Vanilla Coconut White Tea with 50 unbleached tea bags
Price: From $3.75 to $16.50
Manufacturer: Republic Of Tea
Part No: 326


Vanilla beans have been treasured for centuries for their intoxicating, floral bouquet and natural sweetness. Combined with the Kingdom coconut, which is located along the seaside of Wenchang, China, they are the inspiration for this fragrant, flavorful and rare White Tea. Not all White Teas are created equal! The Republic of Tea has procured this season’s harvest to offer 100% White Tea in our signature round, unbleached tea bags. No other variety of tea or leaves are included. Once reserved for the cups of emperors and nobility we are honored to offer you this pure, delicate brew with its subtle, sweet, lingering finish. Serve warm or over ice.

Tea Name

Vanilla Coconut White Tea
Rare White Tea Buds


Rare White Tea Buds


Fujian Province, China


White tea has a low amount of caffeine.

The lush flavors of naturally sweet vanilla and tropical coconut yield a delightfully bright and fragrant cup of White Tea.

Preparation & Serving

To appreciate the unique, soft flavor and delicate nature of this tea, preparation is of the utmost importance, The water should be just short of boiling (175-185 degrees) and the tea should steep only 30-60 seconds.

Interesting Anecdotes

Once reserved for the cups of emperors and nobility, this magnificent high mountain China White Tea still remains one of the rarest of all teas. It is painstakingly hand plucked only two days of the year, right before the leaf opens and then minimally processed. So small is the harvest, so high is the demand, that it is one of the world's most expensive teas. Modern research shows that White Tea retains the highest levels of powerful, health promoting polyphenols that can help build the immune system and reward sippers with a healthier life.


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