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About Us
Talk N' Coffee has been roasting coffee since 1992.  We use only the best grades of coffee from around the world and only the finest decaf process Swiss Water.  Our Master Roaster, Stephen Rohner, started this business in search of the best cup of coffee. He knew it would take buying the best products and producing a product from start to finish to get what he was looking for.  Talk N' Coffee does everything right on site from roasting the green coffee beans all the way to flavoring and packaging the product.  Not only do we offer the finest coffee but we have great sources for the best tea.  Talk N' Coffee doesn't just stop there we also have invented some of our own products including two flavoring systems, Flavor Shot and Twist Stir, and our newest product K-Coffee Refills designed to refill K-Cups.

What can we do for you?

We can provide you with the finest coffee and tea available.  Our coffee is fresh roasted daily in small batches to provide the freshest coffee full of flavor and distinct characteristics.  Not only we will roast a fresh batch of coffee just for you but we will package it in any size to fit your needs. Some of the coffee options available to you are regular unflavored coffees (Colombian Supremo, Java Estate, Guatemala Antigua, and more), decaf unflavored coffees (all our decaf is Swiss Water processed), and a full line of regular or decaf flavored coffees including exotic flavors like Serious Chocolate Addiction and Raspberry Creme Brulee.

How to make your coffee affordable using the top grades of coffee on the market.

One Scoop (2/3 Cup) will make a 10 cup pot of coffee. (Watch the Video)

  • Buy purchasing your coffee in 5LB bags you will get better pricing and a top grade of coffee.
  • Prepackaged coffee costs about 25% more for the same amount.

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