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Flavored Coffee Samplers

"Our coffee is fresh roasted daily and flavored in small batches for the freshest possible taste" said Steve Rohner (Master Roaster)
For those of you who need a little something more. Our exotic flavored coffee are just what you are looking for. Using the highest quality beans (Colombian Supremo) and flavors, our selections will dazzle your taste buds with indescribable feelings. Some might prefer one of our mouth watering fruits. Others may enjoy decadent chocolate or a nutty zing, perhaps even a creamy dessert. Whatever you desire, we’ll satisfy it.  If you can't find a flavor don't hesitate to contact us.  Talk N' Coffee can make just about any flavor you desire.
All our Flavored Coffee Samplers are ground for drip coffee makers.
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Decaf French Vanilla Flavored Coffee
French Vanilla Flavored Sampler Coffee
Each: $3.96
French Vanilla Flavored Sampler Coffee
French Vanilla flavored coffee is a popular flavor for Mr. or Mrs. Coffee. Fresh roasted coffee beans are coated with outstanding vanilla flavor. Creamy vanilla coffee is the star of any single cup.
Hazelnut Flavored Coffee
Hazelnut Flavored Sampler Coffee
Each: $3.96
Hazelnut Flavored Sampler Coffee
Hazelnut coffee is the proven winner from a single coffee cup at home or to the local coffee shop. Fresh roasted beans are transformed with the creamy full bodied flavor of imported hazelnut. This exciting Frangelico-like aroma will satisfy your coffee ad
Macadamia Nut Coffee
Macadamia Nut Flavored Sampler Coffee
Each: $3.96
Macadamia Nut Flavored Sampler Coffee
Macadamia Nut coffee will be a star in your cup. Why not dream of Hawaii without spending the big bucks for a tropical vacation. Our Arabica beans are enrobed with this premium nut flavor and subtle vanilla. Grab a donut to dunk and take yourself away to
Raspberry Creme Brulee Coffee
Raspberry Creme Brulee Flavored Sampler Coffee
Each: $3.96
Raspberry Creme Brulee Flavored Sampler Coffee
Raspberry Creme Brulee Coffee is a tantalizing creation. Just for you, our Arabica beans are transformed into a dessert by adding a wild raspberry flavor with a carmelized custard finish. Pour a jumbo mug. A single cup will never do.
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