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Pictures of The Top Three Flavors Hazelnut, Vanilla and Caramel

Coffee Talk - How To Flavor Coffee

Flavored Coffee


In the coffee business flavored coffee has become almost 40% the total coffee sales in America today. With the top flavors being hazelnut, vanilla and caramel those 3 flavors are over 80% of the flavor coffee business. This is why there are so many ways to flavor coffee like creamers, syrup, sugar and many other ways.


The best way and more natural way is to just flavor the coffee. There are several ways to flavor the coffee one way is to just flavor the beans and another way is to add flavor to the brew basket I will talk about that in my article on Flavor Shot.


We have been flavoring coffee for over 15 years and found that not all flavors are created equal. Some flavor houses offer inferior flavors by using more PG (propylene glycol) than other flavoring houses. What is PG read my article on (CSF). You have to know the company that you are dealing with and determine the quality of the product that they are producing.

Let’s talk about the coffee used for flavoring it is usually the cheapest grade of coffee that can be purchased on the coffee market so they can offset the cost of the flavor. If you cannot taste great coffee with the flavor this is one reason why. In our process, we only use the highest quality of fresh roasted coffee from Colombia. This is the reason I developed a product called Flavor Shot. Read our article on Flavor Shot coming soon.


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