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How We Roast Our Decaf Swiss Water Coffee

I started my roasting experience in 1992. After several years of roasting I found myself in a need to change my roasting style and the way I was taught to roast on my roaster. It came from the need to perfect my SWISS WATER Decaf roasted coffee so it would taste the same as regular coffee. At the request of my doctor, he advised I should kick the caffeine for a while. Well I was not happy with the taste of my decaf so I went back to my roasting style and after many roasts I found a better way to roast decaf coffee. Now it is very hard to distinguish between my regular coffee and my decaf coffee. I have many customers say they have served my decaf to friends and family who would never drink decaf, and all they did was rave about the wonderful taste of the coffee. In a future article I will talk about the difference in decaf coffees. In order to get the best taste of coffee the maintenance of the roaster is very very important I will get into that in another article.