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Hazelnut Flavor Shot Talk N' Coffee
Hazelnut Flavor Shot Talk N' Coffee

Hazelnut Flavor Shot

Flavor Shot Hazelnut Coffee Flavoring- This product will let you flavor a single pot of coffee by replacing one scoop of coffee with Flavor Shot.  Just pour in the Chemical Solvent Free-Flavor Shot Single Serve into your brew basket and add your regular or decaf coffee.  Flavor Shot is made with Swiss Water Decaf coffee so you can still drink your coffee without caffeine but get a great coffee flavoring.

Single Serve will make one 10-12 cup pot of coffee.  Just replace one scoop.
4 oz Flavor Shot will make about 15 pots 10-12 cup pots of coffee.  This size will allow you to tailor for small pots of coffee with chart of measurements.

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