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Featured Products

Coffee cherries being held in hands with the cherries spilling into a basket. Brazil Cerrado text overlay.
Brazil Cerrado
Each: $16.50
Brazil Cerrado
Brazil Cerrado is a most definite wish list coffee. This Brazilian coffee has notes of sweetness and slight fruity first taste and finishes with almost dark chocolate and nutty finish.
Coffee cherries on the plant of Brazil coffee
Brazil Natural Reserve Coffee
Each: $23.25
Brazil Natural Reserve Coffee
Brazil Natural Reserve Coffee is a smooth sweet honey like finish with hints of caramel and malty notes. This Brazil coffee is very smooth and a great treat.
Decaf Fire Cracker Flavored Coffee
Decaf SWISS WATER Fire Cracker Coffee
Each: $17.33
Decaf SWISS WATER  Fire Cracker Coffee
Decaf Swiss Water Fire Cracker Flavored Coffee - Unique combination of luscious raspberries, cherry. creamy vanilla and blueberry.
Fire Cracker Coffee
Fire Cracker Flavored Coffee
Each: $16.99
Fire Cracker Flavored Coffee
Fire Cracker Flavored Coffee - Unique combination of luscious raspberries, cherry. creamy vanilla and blueberry.
Roasted Honduras coffee being held in hand over a bucket of roasted coffee with Honduras SHG overlay text
Honduras SHG Coffee
Each: $16.99
Honduras SHG Coffee
Honduras SHG is strictly high grown coffee that has a fruity fragrance, smooth finish and a soft acidity level.
Panama Bouquete SHB Coffee
Each: $17.48
Panama Bouquete SHB Coffee
Panama Bouquete SHB Coffee is a strictly hard bean with a citrus tones that finishes with a caramel with slight floral notes. This Panama coffee is a medium body with soft acidity.
Green reusable tote bag with Talk N’ Coffee logo
Talk N’ Coffee Reusable Bag
Each: $2.50
Talk N’ Coffee Reusable Bag

Coffee containes a significantly amount of soluble dietary fiber
Coffee beans are rich in nondigestible polysaccharides (dietary fiber), which may partially pass into brewed coffee; however, to the authors' knowledge, there is not enough literature on dietary fiber in brewed coffee. A specific method to determine dietary fiber in beverages (enzymatic treatment plus dialysis) was applied to the coffees brewed by the most common methods (espresso, filter, soluble); results showed that brewed coffee contained a significantly higher amount of soluble dietary fiber (0.47−0.75 g/100 mL of coffee) than other common beverages. Coffee dietary fiber contains a large amount of associated antioxidant phenolics (8.7−10.5 mg/100 mL of brewed coffee).

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Coffee Talk - Fresh Roasted Coffee

Flavored Coffee

 In the coffee business flavored coffee has become almost 40% the total coffee sales in America today. With the top flavors being hazelnut, vanilla and caramel those 3 flavors are over 80% of the flavor coffee business. This is why there are so many ways to flavor coffee like creamers, syrup, sugar and many other ways.
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